easy way to put checkboxes at the same position in a cell

I’m using a spreadsheet wherein I use a list of things, each with a checkbox. I want to position these checkboxes at the exact same spot as the one before, so that this becomes a tidy list.

I used the menu to position my checkboxes, but this is very hard. The position I chose often changes, even after anchoring within the cell and protecting the postion.

Is there an easy way to align them?


You can use the Align tool on the Form Design toolbar:

image description

This only took a couple of minutes. First placed checkbox in A1. Then right clicked checkbox to copy & pasted in A2 - A4 not caring about position (they were pasted to far left of cell). With A1 checkbox in wanted position, selected all checkboxes (hold down Shift & left click each checkbox). Then use Align tool to align the left or right edge.

Hi, thank you for your answer! I followed your steps, but the align tool is greyed out when i select the cells…

You must be in Design Mode for the form (it’s a selection on the toolbar). You’ll also notice, the answer states to select the checkbox, not a cell. You are aligning controls within cells.

Hi, I tried this in Design mode but the align tool is still greyed out. I even made sure it was included in the Design toolbar. Any other ideas? Thanks!

The Align tool does not become enabled until multiple objects are selected. You select multiple by clicking each wanted object with the left mouse button while holding down the Shift key.

Thank you, R. I was able to use the Align tool this way, but the checkboxes won’t center. I finally gave up on this and I’m just using X’s in the spaces.