Edit caption location

I want to move a table caption from ‘above’ the table to ‘below’. I cannot find any way to do this… Is there a way, or do I have to delete the table and start over? The Help item “Using Captions” (Using Captions) didn’t help…
[LibreOffice, Ubuntu 20.04]

Once a table/frame/image has been captioned, the caption is considered “standard” text and has been inserted in its designated location (probably through macros or equivalent). After that, there is no longer any information left about its caption status and the object it captioned.

Consequently, either move the caption paragraph manually or delete and re-caption. However, should you choose the second solution, take care, in the case of images or frames, that a new frame will again be created. You incur the risk to end up with several nested frames without real purposes.

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Thanks for the reply, ajlittoz. Just to clarify: when you say, “delete and re-caption” do you mean delete the whole table (as I suggested) or just the caption? If the latter, I can’t see any way to select and delete just the caption. Help appreciated!

Enable View>Formatting Marks to ease editing. Select the caption paragraph (just like you’d do for ordinary text) and press Delete or Backspace. Delete also the paragraph mark for the former caption.

Re-caption the table.

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