Edit MathType Equations in Linux

I usually receive some .docx and .doc documents that contain MathType equations from other people. I have Linux installed and I would like to avoid using Windows.

When I open the document, formulas and so on are displaying nice, except that they are displaying as Images and I cannot do anything with them. My main goal is to be able to edit them (I do not mind if it is not with MathType).

Things I have tried without success:

  • Install both LibreOffice and MathType in Wine; LibreOffice crashes without giving any code error, it just keeps crashing.
  • Having LibreOffice installed at Linux and MathType installed in Wine; obviously, it is like having nothing installed.

Does anyone has encountered any solution to this problem? I have searched through the net but nothing worked.

Current software installed

LibreOffice Version:

MathType (via Wine): 6.9