Edit multiple form controls at once

Hi, Can I edit mulitiple controls within a form at once?
for example: can I multiselect many textboxs and change all their sizes to the same new value.
The paint brush icon on the top claims to do this, but when I select a control within a form the paintbrush becomes gray.

Also, I notice that when I try to do copy and paste of a control that I can not initially choose the location to paste,
but can drag a newly formed duplicate off of the original control.

I have made these attempts using selection only of the field portion (instead of the grouped label and field).

These abilities would be very useful to make several versions of a form that has LOTS of controls.
(should I explore macros? or is there an SQL method?)(is there a form wide instruction for control options?)

You should be able to select several form controls, when you hold down the Shift-key while clicking the form controls with the mouse.

Alternatively, you might want to simply ‘clone’ your entire form - select the form in the FORM LIST window and just copy and paste (with a new name). Then just edit the clone.