Edit: Undo does not work on Snap Lines (guides)

Edit: Undo Command-Z does not work on Snap Lines (guides) on LibreOffice Impress. When I accidentally move snap lines I can’t undo it. I’m trying to lock Snap Lines but there’s not such an option. If I move them accidentally I have to place them back again in place by manually typing their correct value position again. Is there any way to prevent this? Thank you.

Why don’t you use the menu
Tools>Options>LibreOfficeImpress>Grid ?

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A bug was posted a while ago, Bug 93273 - EDITING: Undo creating / editing snap lines not working

If Snap Lines are to be reliable, I agree that there should be an option to lock them. You could post an enhancement bug to have them locked. There is already a context menu for them, adding Lock and Unlock would be an obvious place.

How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice