Editing properties of 'Text Boxes' added to shapes

(Test made with V 5.2.0 under Win 10)

I did not try hard enough probably, but I did not find information about how to edit relevant properties of textboxes added to shapes like size, relative position, alignment

A (very incomplete) test of the new feature also leaves me with the suspicion that the new kind of shapes has lots of issues and is specific to ‘Writer’. If I try to copy such a shape and to paste it into a ‘Draw’ document, I lose the textbox. If I add a textbox to a shape created as a square it is not reasonably positioned, if …

Can someone help me?
Is there someone actually using the new (V4.4. and higher) feature successfully to some extent? Who is happy with it?

Not really a direct answer to your question, but my advice is: always use the right tool for the job. That means, create your drawings on Draw and then copy paste them into Writer, possibly like images (GDI metafile always worked great for me). You’ll avoid a lot of headaches this way.

@RGB-es: This is what I did for some years when I needed drawings more frequently. I just got a hint to the new feature and tested it since I have a general interest in the question if new features work well and do not spoil the conservation of well proven concepts. I am not too optimistic with this respect, you may know.