Editing sql in base using native engine

I am running LibreOffice BASE in Ubuntu 14.10 (version 1:4.3.3-0Ubuntu1) (English). I have developed some databases already in another computer using 14.04. They seem to work as expected. However, when I right click on a view and try to “Edit in SQL View,” I get a blank window. Experimentation indicates that putting anything in this window (assuming syntactic correctness) will overwrite the existing SQL and change the behavior to fit the new SQL text. Trying to edit again will lead once more to a blank window.

I tried reinstalling (using SYnaptic) all the pieces that I thought might be relevant but nothing changed. I didn’t try uninstalling and reinstalling or doing this with every single LibreOffice piece.


try opening libreoffice from terminal (lobase), reproduce the problem, and then go back to terminal window to see if you have error messages.

I finally got back to that. No error reported.

Sounds to me like a bug. Try up or down -grading.