Editing the <svg:title> not possible in Impress


svg:title is part of Oasis OpenDocument 1.2 specs.

In Impress 5.x I was able to edit the title of squares, text-boxes and groups of objects. I’ve check the content.xml, everything OK.

In Impress, these “Title” context menus have disappeared. Have checked throughout the system for some hidden property editor or similar, but didn’t find anything.

=> Could somebody please point me to the right place?

=> As an alternative, could somebody tell me where to open a bug request for this?

This svg:title meta-information is used by the ]project-open[ open-source application that uses a ODP document as a template in order to substitute part of the document with data from the database.

Thanks in advance!

You should have an item “Description” in the Format menu. It has both an input field for svg:title and an input field for svg:desc.

If it is not there or if you want to have it in the context menu, you can customize the UI for your LibreOffice. For the context menu and ordinary shapes, select “Shape” from the Target drop-down list. The command to be add is named “Description”.