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my Windows 10 updated but now I cannot SEND via my email client (thuderbird). It gives me an error message. I can send a screen shot if need be.

I can send a screen shot if need be

:slight_smile: Please never wait to provide essential information. You always have an advantage (no need to wait then provide than wait again) when give every bit of useful info (LO version; detailed OS version; Thunderbird version - all including architecture (32- vs 64-bit) and build numbers; screenshots; whatever else you might think about).

Edit your question and upload your files, please. (Shreenshots)

What version of Thunderbird are you using?

This is a known Thunderbird issue and is fixed in 60.5.3 (released 5th March 2019).

@BigRAl: the issue with TB 60.5.2 (which I introduced btw) is not something related to “my Windows 10 updated” :wink:

@mikekaganski: clearly it is, see, for example, this issue on SUMO. I have been following many such SUMO posts in the last few days.

In addition, updating TBird fixed the OP’s problem.

In addition, updating TBird fixed the OP’s problem

true - that answers all. Still, the issue you cited was not “Windows 10 updated” - rather that was “my TB updated”, no? :wink:

The TB update was caused by our MAPI work there; and unfortunately, there was a long-standing issue with TB updater, which didn’t properly update MAPI DLLs - but since there was no changes in those DLLs lately, it was only discovered due to our changes.

I hope that when we push 16-bit MAPI changes soon, that won’t cause similar problems.

you are right…updating Thunderbird to 60.5.3 appears to fix the issue…thanks, Gene