email merge to PDF with security


I am attempting to perform a mail merge. I would like the document to be emailed as a PDF. This is easy enough to do in LibreOffice - but I need to set PDF permissions on the files before they are emailed.

The only way I can find to set permissions is on the security tab of the “export to PDF” window. This would require me to do the mail merge to OpenDocument format, then manually open each one, manually export to PDF (setting the password and permissions each time, as there doesn’t seem to be a way to set default passwords and permissions), then manually look up the email address for that recipient, and manually email the file from my email client.

Is there any way to get LibreOffice’s mail merge to automatically apply PDF permissions when it generates the PDF files?

I am using LibreOffice on Linux (Fedora 21). I have also tried it with on Windows.

I had the exact same issue - the mail merge to email wizard should allow the user to set a password for PDF attachments. This lack of functionality stopped me using LO for this purpose - otherwise LO is brilliant!