embed image in writer

Haven’t received an answer yet on my original question. After updating to LO I cannot insert images .jpg to a text document. I have used LO for several years and I haven’t had any problem w previous versions nor with OpenOffice the current version of which works fine. Instead, I get a frame & options (bitmap, etc).

Probably the default was changed in the newest version to link rather than embed. It’s particularly galling because I have previous lengthy documents which include images which the program now wants to link.

My solution? I’m forced to use OpenOffice until I can get some help with this.

I have WIN-10-64 8GB LibreOffice Generally I copy images to a library (local) and then copy & paste into a document when needed. Always has worked flawlessly until now.

I do not wish to link anything to anything nor do I store html images. Portability is important because I carry thumbdrives & send all overseas to my grandson in the military. The images must be available within the document.

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Previous version 4.4.7 is still available if you decide to revert.

You have not got View > Images and Charts selected by any chance have you? This would display just the placement but not the images…

Rather than copy/paste is Insert > Image… effective?