Embed LibreOffice SDK in C++ project

LibreOffice is really cool Office package that allows to work with plenty types of documents on different platforms.

I’m working in IT company and we are going to use LibreOffice like Office to PDF converter on linux / mac / windows.
We can use lowriter --convert-to pdf through bash / bat script or by creating child process, but I know that approach with C++ and LibreOffice SDK is better and more effective. Unfortunately there is no guaranty that end user have LibreOffice SDK installed on his machine.
So there is the question: can I embed LibreOffice SDK in our project so we could communicate with LibreOffice using C++ and how to do it? What else do I need for this (maybe other dependencies)? If I can’t is there other approaches to communicate with LibreOffice without SDK and bash / bat scripts? What advice would you give me?

Thanks in advance for your reply!