Embed other document for Table Of Content or references (Field codes: RD)

How to embed other document so that the other document table of content or references can get in into the Table of content or table of figures? (Like for example we are creating many chapter of books, than split it in many file, so in our front, we need to create TOC or Table Of Figures).

In ms office the feature is called Referenced Document…
When i open document with Referenced Document in LibreOffice, the RD Field Codes is gone…

You can make a feature request on Bugzilla.

How to Report Bugs (and feature requests).

Or you can try Start hacking LibreOffice.

In ms office the feature is called Referenced Document…

In LibreOffice you use one master document and several subdocuments.
Usually the content directory is generated from the headings.

Master documents in Writer

LibreOffice uses styles for paragraphs, characters, frames, pages, lists and tables.

Professional text composition with Writer

English documentation

The LibreOffice Help

So, it’s just work in .odt format?

Yes, only ODT !

Any chance to adding support for RD tag field codes in .docx?