Embed website (realtime) in Impress

I have a Raspberry Pi (with OS: Raspbian). I want to show static and dynamic pages using HDMI on a TV screen. With dynamic pages I mean I want to show a live website on the screen.

Now I use LibreOffice Impress to loop a presentation. However I can only show static pages (with info about our company etc). I would also like to embed a view on a website (for example our Instagram page) to show the latest Instagram posts.

Is this possible because I don’t see an option for this in LibreOffice Impress? I searched the Internet and I saw the same question a few years ago but back then it was not possible.

Microsoft Powerpoint does have this functionality (through an add on). It would be great when I can do the same on the PI.

… and a realtime time() fonction to get a live clock on one impress slide, if this request can fit in the same field…