Embedded Base DB with latest/later version of HSQLDB?

Hi there,

I need an embedded DB (reason: single-user DB, shared via dropbox and used on Windows, Mac and Linux). I can’t use the old version of HSQLDB because it doesn’t support regexes. I can’t use Firebird because I get errors on inserting data (setString errors and closed cursor errors - just nothing works at all).

Is there a way I can do this? I know about split database functionality, but I require an embedded database. I know I could create an SQLite DB and connect to that via ODBC but there are no (functioning) drivers I can find for this, and I’m not 100% certain that the base file would work across different platforms (and I’d rather not install ODBC drivers on all my PCs).

Is there any way I can do what I need? Thank you!

Saw your question when posted but had no real answers. I’ve tested some drivers which work with SQLite, but only on Linux.

Looking for something else, ran across a post on another forum and after a brief once over it may be of some interest to you.
Macro to extract and reconnect embedded HSQLDB.

Also toward the end of the post, FreeHSQLDB. It appears your options are limited. Hope this helps.

I have not used it, but OpenOffice has an updated HSQLDB 2.3, and this supports regex.

I think that your way to go is splitting the DB the right way, as you already weakly suggested.
Read through the articles and look the caption fully portable and self containing split DB.

Link example [Tutorial] Splitting an "embedded HSQL database" (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum

But he said he wants an embedded database.