Embedded font, writing on Linux then testing on Windows

Writer 7.6 for Linux, the specs in my ask.libreoffice user profile
working with .odt derived from .ott
Writing in LO 7.6 for Linux, checking document in LO 6.4 on Windows 10
Text, the content in document in western European language.

Document author decided to use font Noto Sans CJK HK because had no luck to find other Arial like font in its look as close to the font in reference document as Noto Sans CJK HK. This font is set in menu Options… > LibreOffice Writer > Basic Fonts (Western). In the final phase of writing it was realized that this font is not available in LO on Windows. Hence at the late stage of writing following attributes have been enabled in document: menu Properties > tab Font > change all options from unchecked to checked. Afterwards document was saved to disk again.
Results of subsequent test on Windows, LO 6.4: Writer still can’t find the font used.
Is this the expected behavior?
Are any ways known to get font embedding working?

The Core got in LO 7.6 got some font related work. One can find in Release Notes 7.5 some work regarding font embedding however it was made for macOS only. Plenty of other font related works that release. LO 7.2 had some improvement in font caching.

Just one question. Given that it is for just one document, why didn’t you set Noto Sans CJK HK in Default Paragraph Style instead of in Basic Fonts (Western)?

LO 6.4 is a bit old. I think I recall an issue with embedding fonts that affected tables around that time

Thanks for your question.
Good question. I was influenced by few experiences/state of knowledge as of that point of time rather than a controlled decision.
A controlled decision it was in the sense I wanted to have done centrally for all. Nevertheless the plan was from beginning on to use master and one .odt per chapter.
Thanks for the hint regarding fonts problems in 6.4 - it is good to know, the impact was eventually wider than just tables.