Embedded Videos in MS PowerPoint show as question mark in Impress

As the title says, I have a presentation created in MS PowerPoint 2016 with embedded videos (MP4 / H.264). This format is supported by my operating system (Windows 10) and the videos reliable work in MS PowerPoint 2016.

In Impress 6.0.4, instead of the video, a question mark is shown, no video.

What I already tried is:
Exporting the power point as ODF in MS PowerPoint, but then instead of the video a box with a “ODF” file icon is shown, no video either.
As a last resort, I even saved the video from PowerPoint as a separate .mp4 file, then tried to import it back in LibreOffice, but then it says the format is not supported. (But I clearly do not want to do this with every power point I created in the past, so I prefer a solution where I can just open the pptx file and it works out-of-the-box)

Note that I am currently evaluating switching to LibreOffice since my Office student license expires, and most of the things work fine. Only the video problem is holding me back right now. To buy a new license, due to M$ current price politics, I would need to pay a lot of money, really a lot… Of course I would love to donate large parts of that money to an open source community instead, but I need a 100% working product then. Not a 95% working product.

This is a known bug…

The developers knew this for FIVE YEARS… and did NOT fix this. They definitively have WRONG PRIORITIES. Supporting essential features like videos should be IMPORTANT, not the kind of bug you ignore for five years!

Sorry guys, but I will then buy a new Microsoft Office license. There is a special discount this weekend. It will still cost me 100€, and that’s only for 1 PC… but I need an office program. This money could have been yours. You had your chance, but you messed it. Your next chance will be in 2025 when support for MS Office 2016 ends.

P.S. This is the accepted answer. Due to idiotic restrictions I cannot mark this answer as the accepted answer until I have 20 points of whatever…

P.P.S. To give it another chance I tried the proposed solution (K-Lite DirectShow Filter) but then the videos did not play, just showed static images and sound… From other videos not even a correct static image was shown but a totally deformed image. Horrible… I’m done now with LibreOffice. It’s so sad that in so many years you were not able to implement a software that is even close to MS Office. Well, maybe it’s fair that they charge so much money because - in contrast to you guys - these people are really talented and can do software that works!