Embedding fonts doesn't work [Impress] []

LO is running on macOS. I created a spreadsheet with just one line of text using a TTF font[1]. I ticked the box to embed the font (File->Properties->Font->Embed fonts in the document).

I transferred the file to an Ubuntu machine running LO The font was not displayed. I checked the document properties and the box was still ticked (Embed fonts in the document), so the setting was correctly preserved but the font was not displayed.

Is this a bug and if so, is there a workaround?

1: http://www.gaelchlo.com/bunargc.zip

Might be the font does not allow embedding. Check its license.

If the font technically allows embedding you may want to check if this META bug lists a bug that may be applicable to your problem.

Use the free fonts what are included in the installer of the LO (Or you can download them from the PortableApps site):

The fonts of the LO 7.1.2 version