Embolden feature is spasmodic

Curious recent event whereby the highlight and embolden feature is spasmodic.
I use emboldened entries to a WIn97 style document thus:-
9 AM TUESDAY - made coffee and read paper
10 AM TUESDAY - Removed sump from gearbox

When I do this I sometime press the “B” button first or if I forget I will highlight the header and then push “B”
This works spasmodically - sometimes emboldening only some of the letters. If I go back and persist with highlighting sections not more that 2 chars I can sometimes get it done in pairs but not more that 2 letters.
This is a recent thing. I have used Open Office and then Libre Office for 15 years and I am familiar with the document section.
I would appreciate any help.
BTW - I have an updated version downloaded. Would the installation of that be likely to cure this? Obviously I have rebooted several times to no advantage.

This would be a bug - please file it, with specific steps to reproduce (if that’s only reproducible in a specific document, then that document (possibly sanitized to remove sensitive info) would be needed in the report).

Thanks for your response. I have added to my initial post here with some photos and will attempt to FILE IT as a report. However, I may need some help to do even that. Thanks again for your response. Appreciated. {Sorry unable to lodge a bug report! Need to register}

LibreOffice is based on Styles. Don’t use the “B” button set up a style to the font and weight you want. MS Office only understands Paragraph Styles but if you just want to embolden some characters use a Character Style that is set the way you want by you.

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To be honest I don’t quite understand what you are saying. If you will read my subsequent post you will see the feature operating as it should. Within my text I explain that sometimes it just won’t.
Thanks for your interest and your response

Thanks for your response. Not sure what you mean by “Styles” but I have posted more for you to see what I want to do and although it is working properly right now I know it will be back where the highlight and embossing do not work properly. Thanks for your interest and your response.

Thank you for those responses. It will be difficult to sanitize the document as its my daily diary. I have kept it going for years and I am now on the 4th section which started 1st Jan this year. I am very familiar with how this feature should and did work.
In the meantime I have re-installed Libre office with the version WIN10 has also been updated BUT it is still the same!
I have some photos BUT the feature is working as it should today. I have had this before It will be back!
This is the first photo which shows some capitals some of which I want to Embolded (Ctrl+B)

I will Highlight them by holding down the LH mouse and pulling the cursor over. OR I might position the cursor and hold down the SHIFT key while back-space or forward space the cursor to get the section highlighted.
I can do two at a time if I hold down the Ctrl key as I highlight.

Then I will press Ctrl+B to get the embossing I wanted. Sometimes it just refuses. At other times I can do only 1 or 2 letters at a time! What a fiddle and I cannot find any way around it. On occasion some letters will be embossed within the highlighted section while some are not!

I hope that makes it clear what is happening. I wondered if the document is corrupt and have tried to make another by copy & paste to NEW. Still the same! Any help would be appreciated. I was hoping others would have reported similar and that its a bug in progress. However that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Rgds & thanks