Empty Cell Selection

I want to select an empty area (example: A2 through A 1024) to paste a value from the copy buffer. A1 has a formula, which I Cntr-C copy. Cell A1025 has data in it. In Excel, I could click on cell A2 and start sliding the mouse downward, then, while holding the left button down, hit Shift, then End, then down arrow. That would highlight all the cells down to the first cell containing data and I could do the paste. Is there a way to do this in Calc?


Since you mention the keyboard-mouse combination, another fast and convenient way to select large ranges of cells is type the reference in the name box and confirm with Enter: only use keyboard, no scroll, no Shift, Ctrl, etc.

This is particularly useful when the area is not delimited by empty cells.



Ctrl+Down should go to the next non-empty cell of the current column (or to the bottom row if no data are found), Shift+Ctrl+Down will also select the cells at the same time. ShiftCtrl+End will select till EndOfData which will most likely not be in column A. The GoTo allone done by Ctrl+End.

What about Ctrl+Shift+DownArrow and then once Shift+UpArrow?

Thanks for all the quick answers. Looks like the best method for me is to use the Ctrl-Shift-down arrow then Shift up arrow.

What was throwing me off was using the mouse in conjunction with the keyboard keys.

Thanks again.