Empty cells opening xlsx

I have a weird problem. I have a xlsx file that opens fine with the Excel Viewer.

When I try to open this same file with Libre Office, the cells are empty. The sheets are correctly created and even the columns have the proper widths but their is no content in the cells (I also tried copy-pasting the contents to make sure it wasn’t just a white on white problem).

Any idea why?

Could you upload your file somewhere and post a link here?

Same bug here.
I’m using Chakra Linux with KDE 4.11.2 and LibreOffice, and all XLSX files appears empty.

Can you please create a bug report and attach a test document?

Any file saved in LO as xslx and then opened is empty here.

Create a bug report and attach one of your files. We have automatic tests that check export and import of OOXML files so I can surely say that this is not a general problem.

OpenSuSE 13.1 and LibreOffice
Same issue here too.

Automated test suites are fine and all… but this is a very real regression. Please do not dismiss it as “not a general problem” so quickly.

Then just open a bug report with a test document. I can’t magically fix a problem that I can’t see. As long as our automated test suite does not report a problem a sentence like: “Every file shows the problem!” is not helpful as we apparently can’t reproduce it with our test documents.