Empty row in Calc causes filter to stop operation?

On LO 5.3.3 (1:5.3.3~rc2-0ubuntu0.16.04.1~lo0, Dutch UI) when I apply a filter on a column in Calc, the filter seems to work only from row 1 until it hits an empty row. All rows below the empty row are left untouched by the filter. When removing the empty row, the filter works until it hits the next empty row and so on.

Is this intended behavior or a bug?

P.S. - the behavior seems to change when inserting a new empty row a few rows above the first empty row. The filter then seems to ignore that newly inserted empty row and continue filtering.

Also, when typing a value into one of the empty row’s cells, the filter no longer sees the empty row as a barrier and continues to filter beyond that row. Oddly, removing the value from the cell (hence restoring the fully empty row), does NOT re-trigger the filter block; the filter keeps on working beyond the empty row.

Stopping at an empty row is on purpose. If you want to include further rows just select the cell range before setting the AutoFilter.

The filter range is extended automatically when adding cell content to form a contiguous area, but never shrunk, hence cells with deleted content are included and can be filled again.

Thanks erAck, that clears it up pretty much. And since the filter range is never shrunk, that also explains what’s happening when inserting an empty row a few rows above the first empty row after the filter has been applied. It all makes sense now :slight_smile: