Enable "Regular expressions" checkbox with SoundFlow automation app

Hi there,

I think this issue might be related to accessibility implementation for checkboxes in dialog windows.

Some context: I am an audio editor and need to prepare text filenames for audio files using a spreadsheet of various text. Part of my process is to prepare the files by removing invalid characters from the text so that I can create valid filenames.

For that, I use Find & Replace, using Regular expressions checkbox and looking basically for “not alpha numeric” to replace all with “no character.”

Right now, I am trying to use an automation and control app called SoundFlow. So far, I can get the F&R dialog to appear, for my RegEx string to be typed. There is an UI Element “Action” in SoundFlow called “Set Checkbox Value” and there is a “Pick” button which I can use to select the checkbox, and SoundFlow properly reports the relative location and name of the checkbox.

However, when I run the macro, using the “Enable” option, it’s like the checkbox does not register. It does not become checked, and when the next step of my macro runs, it proceeds as it should as if the Enable step was not there. On the other hand, when I manually tick the checkbox so that it’s already enabled, then when I run my macro, the Replace All step and dialog close step works just as expected.

I can enable the checkbox by programmatically pressing Tab x16 followed by Space, but as I describe above, the checkbox might or might not be enabled already depending on my prior workflow. When I run the macro I want to Enable or Leave Enabled, NOT to disable or toggle.

I have reached out to SoundFlow forum, and they suggested a relative UI mouse click, but so far that presents the same issue I just described. At this moment, I’m unsure whether SoundFlow cannot see the checkbox completely OR whether LibreOffice does not accept the “Enable” flag from SoundFlow.

Thanks for any help!