End-text citation

Does anyone know how to print the Bibliography without any in-text citations? Every time I print it it’s empty and I’m guessing it’s because I don’t have any citations in my article. How do I bypass the need for in-text citations? I’ve added all the necessary citations to the bibliography database

You can’t from inside Writer.

The bibliography database is in your user configuration. In my Linux machine, this is located at ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/datavase/biblio.odb (adapt to your OS, look at Tools>Options, LibreOffice>Paths though the bibliography DB is not mentioned).

The “simplest” and most flexible method would be to build queries with Base and create a Writer report which is then inserted (Insert>File in your document, or if it is adequately style-formatted, it can be an independent document simultaneously transmitted with the main document.

The query approach allows you to filter which entries to include based on ad-hoc criteria.

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I’m new to Ubuntu and I’m not sure how to build queries with base or create a Writer report - I tried googling it and it gives me results for SQL queries.

Practically all relational DB applications use SQL (with minor variants or limitations). Queries in Base are stored as SQL statements. But if you are not fluent in SQL, Base has a query wizard using a GUI approach. This may be easier for you at the beginning.

The report generator is integrated in Base. It also has a GUI interface with a page paradigm: you draw on this page where header and footer will go and the “iterated line” for extracted data. In each area, you “deposit” fields corresponding to column names in the DB tables, i.e. you just tell Base where to lay out data extracted from the DB.

When done, this report description is stored for future use. You just select the report name and push a button to create it.

Read the documentation. Experiment with a short example and see that it is finally relatively easy.

Thank you very much