Endnote format lost in .docx

I wrote an article in .odt format with a lot of references as endnotes, with the style “Endnote”. When I save this document in .docx format, the endnote style changes to “Endnote Symbol” and the indention of some, but not all of the endnotes is lost. Viewing the style “Endnote Symbol”, the indention is all zero.

The style “Endnote” that existed when the document was in .odt format no longer appears in the drop down list of styles, so I cannot apply that to the endnotes.

The problem appears to arise because Word uses separate styles for the endnote symbol and endnote text, but Writer uses a single style for the whole endnote, so when an endnote is created in a .docx document the default “Endnote Symbol” style is used for the whole endnote. I think I have a workaround by creating a new style that I can manually apply to endnotes, but because this cannot be specified in the Footnote and Endnote dialog I have to do this each time I create an endnote.