Endnote X8/X9 and LibreOffice German

Dear all,
I would dearly like to move from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice, but due to research and publishing work I need the CWYW extension from Endnote to run in LibreOffice. I have followed the online instructions and attempted to install the .oxt file and receive the error message that it is not suitable for my computer.
I am running Windows 10 Pro on a 64 Bit system. Operating language is German. Currrently I am using Endnote X8.
Can anybody help me or tell me when / whether it is intended for the CWYW function to be implemented.
Many thanks for your help

May be I do not get the right website but this compatibility page at endnote.com specifies a requirement of 32-bit for LibreOffice (strange enough nowadays). Thus in my opinion this is not the right place to ask for availability for the CWYW function. You should turn to the developer of the extension.

Many thanks.
I was hoping that this was just old information, but have started an info request with EndNote parallel to this.

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