Endnotes' placement on page

I’m noticing two (perhaps related) problems with the placement of my endnotes. First, three blank pages appear between the end of my document and the first endnote, and I can’t figure out why - or how to get rid of them. Second, the first two pages of endnotes start about a quarter of the way down their respective pages (rather than at the top, where they belong) and, even more oddly, the third page of endnotes starts about 2/3 of the way down its page.

I don’t see any relevant setting for endnotes under Insert/Footnotes & Endnotes or under Tools/Footnotes & Endnotes. Can you help?

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You didn’t provide technical information about your configuration: OS name and LO version missing. Consequently, I can give only general guidelines about your problem.

First, enable View>Formatting Marks so that you can see formatting marks such as empty paragraphs used (erroneously) for vertical spacing or manual page breaks (blue dotted lines between pages).

Endnotes are laid out in pages controlled by page style Endnote. If you changed margins in this style (e.g. a large top margin), this could explain the offset.

You may eventually have added many empty paragraphs on a note located on the second page and overflowing on the third page.

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Thanks for the quick reply - and sorry for the omission. I’m using LO on Windows 10.

  1. I see a Page Style / Footnote option but not a Page Style / Endnote option. Where do I find that? (I’ve never changed margins, by the way.)

  2. While waiting for help, I saved the document under a new name. When I reopened it, the problem had changed. Instead of skipping pages before the endnotes, the document has now converted them into footnotes and placed them at the bottom of the page where the superscript number appears!

My various attempts to solve this led to (a) an insertion of a new note rather than a conversion of the existing ones, (b) the deletion of the first endnote (at which point all the endnotes moved themselves back to the end of the document, but with the same spacing problems I reported initially, and then, when I restored the first note, (c) all had been turned back into endnotes. I can’t figure out why these things are happening or how to reverse them.

For an ad-hoc diagnostic, attach the file to your question (you can’t attach to a comment) if it is not too large (10 pages max). If you can’t reduce it and/or can’t anonymise confidential data, I’ll give you an email address for direct transmission.

To attach a file, edit your question. Scroll to the end. Type two Enter and use the “paperclip” tool.

Thanks for the offer! I started to copy & paste a chunk of the doc to send you and was surprised to find the endnotes were where they were supposed to be in the new (abridged) doc. So I tried copying & pasting the whole thing to see if the problem again magically resolved. No such luck. Now the endnotes start appearing as footnotes at the bottom of pg. 14 (out of 18). And there isn’t even a note on that page that might have accidentally been saved as a footnote instead of an endnote.

I’m reluctant to send you an abridged copy because (a) Who knows how it would be displayed when you opened it? and (b) Who knows whether what you found would bear any resemblance to the original?

Do my descriptions of the ever-changing screwiness of the endnote placement help you figure out what’s going wrong and how I can fix it?

No, the description doesn’t suggest any clue about the cause. Send me your document through ajlittoz (at) users (dot) sourceforge (dot) net. When I answer, you’ll have my real email.

Will do. Thanks. By the way, as I experiment with copying and saving, closing and reopening the file, it seems to jump back and forth between (1) placing all the endnotes where they would go if they were footnotes, starting at the beginning of the document, and (2) starting them as footnotes midway through the document.

Can’t tell. I must have a look at the document. I never experienced such a mishap.

Document is saved as .doc, so this is a compatibility issue between ODF and M$ formats.

In case others find themselves with the same problem, I’ve discovered an unexpected workaround to what is definitely a bug with endnotes in .doc files (at least for LO v 6.4+): Someone on another board suggested that I save the .doc file as a .docx file before resaving it as an .odt file. To my surprise, the endnotes moved themselves to the end of the document where they belong in the .docx version, so there wasn’t a need to resave as .odt. Fingers crossed that this solution will hold as I continue to work with and resave the document…

In the meantime, perhaps one of you will report the bug so that eventually those of us who routinely create .doc files won’t have to go through this?

Thanks for all the help!