'English' numbers in a Hebrew line


I write most of my documents in Hebrew. In some of them I need to refer to documents which have ‘English’ names. These names contain an ordinal number. For example: 01. Introduction.pdf.
When I try to write the document name in the Hebrew line, it’s always messed up, and I have never succeeded to write it properly (meaning, the numeral part never placed where I need it and usually it ends in the form: Introduction.pdf.01.

In summary, the line should look something like that (‘H’ stands for Hebrew; The line goes from right-to-left):


Refer the answer here, especially the section regarding the use of the Unicode Left-to-right embedding (LRE / U+202a) and Pop directional formatting (PDF / U+202c). These are the characters you can use to surround the left-to-right (LTR) text element in a right-to-left (RTL) paragraph.

Thanks a lot.
You have really helped me.