English Thesaurus doesn't work

After downloading and installing the latest version of LibreOffice, my thesaurus didn’t work. I downloaded and installed again, but it still didn’t work. I use thesaurus a lot. What to do?

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As I was messing around with my LO Thesaurus, trying to understand why it doesn’t work, I looked under tools > options > language settings > languages and then I began to experiment with different language settings. Most language settings produced the same result as the English - USA setting, namely, “no alternatives found”, but I got lucky (maybe) and found one language setting that caused my Thesaurus to work … French (Belgian). I have no idea why the French (Belgian) setting works and maybe 20 or more settings including the English - USA setting do not work, but I think that might be a clue.

Any ideas?

Ideas? Sure.

  1. Read this tutorial.
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