English UK spell check in libre office writer

I have lo writer v7.1.3.2 on fedora 34, and when I select tools → spelling, the Text Language, is empty.
I then click on the drop down box and all the available languages are ticked. I only want English UK, but this isn’t on the list, only English US.
This makes me very angry. American English is very different to UK English, and there should be an option to have it.
My computer’s locale is set to UK English so why is there no option in LO writer?
How do I install the language?


Adapt for your OS…

I don’t know which kind of fiddling you did to get such a list, but what is important are the check marks with “ab”. Your theme and how your took the screen photo does not allow to assert whether “ab” is present on every checkmark (insufficient contrast).

The “ab” icon decoration flags the installed language checkers.

You didn’t mention your desktop (GNOME, KDE Plasma or other) and which VCL is active (this latter information is shown in Help>About LibreOffice). You could experience distortion between the effective widget library and desktop library.

By default, only en_US is installed. en_UK (and other variants) are provided by package libreoffice-langpack-en. Use dnf of dnfdragora to install it. (this advice assumes you didn’t install LO from the LO site but from the distro repository.)

Check also that hunspell package is installed with its dictionaries and utilities hunspell-en, hunspell-en-GB and hunspell-en-US.

PS: the current up-to-date LO release under Fedora 34 is You should consider to upgrade.

You don’t have an English-UK spell-check dictionary installed, so
dnf install hunspell-en-GB
and you will have UK spell-checking as well.