English UK Spell Check stopped working on LibreOffice Fresh on Windows 7 64 Bit after Microsoft Update

I have recently upgraded my version of LibreOffice from 4.3 to after the spell check stopped working. This corrected the issue and all has been working fine until a number of Microsoft updates were executed today.

LibreOffice Version English (UK)
Windows Version 7 64 Bit

Microsoft updates:

I also have this issue on windows 7, 64-bit. I’m not sure when it started but it could of been 4/1.

I have checked all settings in languages. I tried installing more dictionaries.

I then uninstalled 4.4.0,and installed 4.4.2.

Are there old files I need to manually remove, or is this a windows update issue?

comment added April 24, 2015:

It is working now, no idea why.