Enhancement process explained.

This is how I think it works. Posting an enhancement here will not get it done. You need to post it using the bug process in LO. Go to the LO home page. Click Get Help/Feedback. Then click File an Enhancement request. Login to Bugzilla or create an account. This is a separate login, not your “ask” login. Then file a “bug”. Select LibreOffice. Make appropriate choices and enter your title(summary) and then the description. Now here is where you use the KISS process. Plan how you want to phrase this before hand. You will not be able to edit the description once its posted. Keep it short, concise and direct. In business they used to say, If you don’t get it done on the first page, it won’t be read. Once posted, copy the link. Then come back here and post a reference so others can see it. I would suggest something like “ [Filed Enhancement] ( same text used in your summary when you filed). Then enter a short description with a link to the Bugzilla report. Like… Add Wizard to Push Button to Bugzilla. You copied it earlier. Then others will be able to read it there. If others like your idea they should login to Bugzilla and add themselves to the CC list and add any appropriate comments. This is how I think “Development” determines its popularity. Note to viewers of your post. After adding yourselves to the report CC list, vote for the comment here so others can tell you liked it ! As the author you will receive email notifications whenever some one is added to the CC list or adds a comment. Hope this helps.

Well put. :slight_smile: In the list box to the right of “Importance” you can set the type to Enhancement.

Thanks, I just added “Screen Shots” to the report to show what my goal is.