[enhancement request]page number function

Many a times, it is required to know what the current page number of a particular cell by using a cell variable/function. For example, while preparing a detailed estimate, the page number of the data is to be known to the linked sheet. To achieve that a function namely PageNo() is necessary. For example, suppose the value in a cell “sheet3.x1111” (suppose it is in the 21st page) is to be referenced in “sheet 1” cell "A1"then we can easily use with a simple equation “=sheet3.x1111” in “sheet1.A1”, we get whatever value in that cell. But to get the page number also of that cell in a cell “A2” in “sheet1”, then there should be an equation/function something like “=PageNo(sheet3.x1111)” such that it returns the page no (here 21)

Let me clarify : when we use pagebreak view in the view menu, we get a watermarked page numbers in each page. What I need is that page number in a cell (within that page or any other cell outside that sheet ie. another sheet). For a better understanding I shall clarify this further : THE value of the watermarked page number be available in a cell in THAT page eg. A1 cell the outcome of (intended function) should return 1 and suppose there is a page break and second page starts at A2 then in the cell THE fn. should return 2.

eg., suppose I am putting a function = pageNo() in the A1 cell it should give the cell value to 1 ie. page 1

Suppose my page style changes then the page size and the number of pages will also naturally be changing as we can see in page-break view (in the view view menu) as also the page number changes. what I require is the page number while in page break view be available in a cell- hope it is clear. what i mean is to suitably correct the water marked page numbers and catch that water-marked page numbers while in the page break view to a cell within that page

Hope it is clear
putting all the steps involved are:

  1. correct the page number in the watermarked pagenumber while in page break view to the print value (with respect to the page number to start with option in the sheet tab)
  2. make it available as a function to the cell

Hint: We get the correct pagenumber what we set during printing or in pdf conversion. The same methodology could be used to achieve this feature


OP: @ahamedck

Thank you very much for the detaile layout of your idea. May I ask you to post an enhancement request here: https://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/bug/?enhancement=yes

I have already made the posting in the link


Some one had developed the pageNo() function for Microsoft XL, pl. see the link www.oraxcel.com ,

Some of please develop one and post in reply to this as an addon, and make it public