Ensure images are in line with each other?

Hello, I have a writer document containing two images of the same dimensions, however they are some distance apart from each other and I want to make sure that they are horizontally in line with each other- how can this be achieved?

Also is there some sort of grid that can be activated to show the outlines of images to assist with this?


There is a drawing grid also for ‘Writer’ - and you can set the option that graphical objects snap to it.
Try > Tools > Options > LibreOffic Writer > Grid.

There is also a command to toggle the visibility of the drawing grid. You may add it to the ‘Drawing’ toolbar if it isn’t already available there. (The ‘snap’ functionality is independent of the visibility of the grid if set.)

You can alway set the position of any shape explicitly. Everything here applies to images.

My version of LO doesn’t have “Options” under the Tools menu, so I tried Libreoffice > Preferences > Libreoffice Writer > Grid, to find that the option “Visible grid” was already checked. However, there is no visible grid on the page, so I’m a little stumped.

By the “command to toggle the visibility of the drawing grid”, I assume you are referring to the “display grid” icon found in the Drawing Toolbar (or another setting that has the same effect)…

…I have enabled this by selecting this icon and still no grid is displayed on the page.

Also there is a Toolbar to do it: Menu/View/Toolbars - Align objects.

You didn’t mention how you inserted your images. In case they are part of text flow, you may have included them As character frames. In this case, you can fine-tuned their position by choosing Vertical [Position] as From bottom. The by entry box becomes enabled and you set there the distance to the baseline.

This can be done independently for both frames which is handy if the images contain white space surrounding the main shape, this white space being counted in the frame dimensions (only aligning the frame is not enough to achieve nice-looking layout).

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