enter a number series in spreadsheet

I need to fill a column from 1 to end (140) with sereal numbers I cannot find the function

A way that doesn’t require to use the mouse (with associated risk of RSI) is:

Select the 140 cells in the column.

Menu “Sheet”“Fill Cells”“Fill Series”. Menu “Sheet” can be invoked with Alt + S. If the first cell in the selection already contains “1”, just press OK (field “Start value” is already filled in with “1”). Otherwise enter “1” in field “Start value” and press OK.

This was tested with LibreOffice on Ubuntu MATE 20.04 (Focal Fossa).

Official documentation: Fill Series

(This question turned up in a search engine result for “LibreOffice number series” and a non-mouse solution was missing.)


Enter 1 in cell where you want to start:

image description

Using your left mouse button, click the handle in lower right corner of selected cell, hold the button down & drag down 140 rows. Then release the button giving:

image description