entering data into multiple tables using form

I’ve looked for the answer, hope I didn’t miss something.

I have a few tables, all with a field in common that I use to link them in forms and queries.

I’d like to be able to set up a form to enter the same critical data (like the unique id) into multiple tables, so I can easily edit other data later using forms and queries.

I can accomplish the end goal of course by entering the key manually into each table, but this is a horrible solution.


It appears you are in need of sub forms. This will automatically (upon correct construction) insert the ID from the table in the main form into a field in the table on the sub form. There are many examples of using sub forms on the Ask site.

There is also the LO documentation → Base. See Chapter 4 - Forms.

In the future, please include the specific LO version you are using, your OS and for Base the database used (Base is a front end to databases). It may be HSQLDB embedded, Firebird embedded (both available with Base) or server types such as PostgreSQL, MySQL and more.

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