Entering unique, but similar 'passwords' in the spreadsheet results in odd changes!!??

A ‘password’ similar to abc123abc (all ‘normal’) will change to abc123abc (all ‘BOLD’) and a similar password such as Abc123Abc will change to abc123abc. Note that there are similar or identical ‘passwords’ used in the same spreadsheet, which is a listing of access to numbers of sites. BHJohnston 24DEC2019

If you want something to show literally, use preformatted text (select the text and click icon showing 101010, while **edit**ing your question (without that an asterisk has a special meaning of italic, *asterisk* vs. asterisk)

Not sure what is going on, but three of those sample passwords have asterisks at the beginning and at the ends. Those do not show up in my original question!!!

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Problem with asterisks: uncheck Automatic *bold*, /italic/, -strikeout- and _underline_ in Tools-AutoCorrect Options…-Options tab.

Problem with replacement of words that differ only by case: uncheck AutoInput in Options.

And for cells that are expected to store passwords: don’t forget to set cell format to Text.