EPS image 4.1 writer Windows 8

Hi all,

Me again on EPS file this is on Windows platform.

LO Writer Version:, windows 8 64bit. When I “insert” → “Picture” → “from file…” and select a EPS image file.The writer cannot display (or preview) it in the edit page, also exported PDF cannot display as well. It just displays the message as below:

image description

Any suggestions. Many thanks

There is no native EPS renderer included in LO. Instead a third-party application (ghostscript or ImageMagick) needs to be installed to allow access to the pstoedit or convert tools (which need to be on the $PATH). The support for these tools (in conjunction with LO) also appears to vary according to operating system and the particular implementation. If this were not complicated enough the EPS format allows for multi-page images. This recent thread on exporting EPS to PDFs in Writer contains a number of relevant links. A new enhancement request fdo#67464 has been opened to get this less-than-ideal situation changed for LO.

Export the image to a different format like png or jpg, then insert the new file into your document. The eps format may not be supported in LibreOffice.

I have installed the following two free software for windows 64bit:

  1. ImageMagick
  2. pstoedit

It now seems work in both preview (in the writer) and exported PDF.