EPUB readers fail to recognise table of contents

Used Writer to create TOC correctly after earlier problem which resolved by deleting and recreating title page. TOC works correctly in both the odt and when exprted to pdf. However when exported as EPUB the two readers I have tried (freda & MS Edge) fail to see the TOC or obviously action it.

And what is the question or is this post intended to report a bug?

The short answer is I am not sure although my inclination is that it is a bug. However: (i) I have no prior knowledge of working with TOC or creating an ebook (which I happen to be doing on behalf of a friend who knows even less than me). (ii) I do not have a known valid EPUB file that I can offer to the two readers to prove they are capable of actioning a TOC entry. (iii) As this my first post I do not know the procedures for this forum. (iv) I do have a very small test file that demonstrates the issue that I could forward if required.

So it is a question in so far as has anyone else tried and succeeded or failed? Is anyone prepared to set up their own test? Is there anything I should do next?

I have the same issue. Basically Libre Office links don’t carry over to some epub readers. I posted this problem on here a year ago and have never got a single answer. The links in the file are fine, and they work in browsers and as pdf, but dedicated epub readers don’t accept the hyperlink coding. Let’s hope that one of the team finally see what we see, and figure out how to make hyperlinks that epub readers accept.


It would appear that this has already been reported as a bug.