Equation numbering by chapter in libreoffice writer


I am writing a document in libreoffice writer with multiple chapters and equations in each chapter.
I would like to number equations in each chapter as 1.1, 1.2 and so on for chapter 1, and 2.1, 2.2, and so on for chapter 2, and so on for the subsequent chapters.
I was not able to get this kind of numbering done using the “fn + F3” shortcut key in libreoffice writer.
Can you please help.


AutoText fn is set by default for “continuous” numbering. To modify it for chapter numbering, double-click on the equation number (this number will have a non-printing gray background if you enable View>Filed Shadings for ease of spotting “generated” data).

In the dialog which pops up, select 1 for Level in Numbering by Chapter. This of course assumes you have enabled numbering in Tools>Chapter Numbering and you use the Heading n family for you headings.

Repeat for every formula.

If you want to have chapter numbering by default, rebuild the fn AutoText with the numbering attribute. Or create a similar one to substitute it to the built-in fn.

Hi @ajlittoz ,

Thanks a lot for your response.
“Tools->Chapter numbering” is what I was missing.