Err. 509 in basic formulas

I upgrade Open Office to 4.1.13, now problems.
Got Err. 509 even if enter basic formula like =1+2 or =1*2, tried to use functions like sum, same result.
Also when open old files all cells with formulas are show Err.509
Expect that it must be some setting issue.
When I installed old copies (few times, as am old user and in years change some comps) it worked without problems, no need to do anything after download and installation.


It might be a corrupted user profile.

On Apache OpenOffice Community Forum - Apache OpenOffice Community Forum you may get in contact with more useres still sticking to Apache OpenOffice than via this LibreOffice Site.

(Currently there seems not to be a related thread.)

4.1.13 ist currently the most recent release, and many AOO users are conservative and don’t update to every bugfix version…

Thank you.
When refresh user profile, all works.