Err:509? in Libre office calc

=INDEX(#$‘Таблица цени производител’.$I$5:$I$1530;MATCH($B3;#$‘Таблица цени производител’.$C$5:$C$1530;0))

Why not =VLOOKUP($B3;$'Таблица цени производител'.$C$5:$I$1530;7;0)?

The error code 509 is misleading in this case. You have a delimiter “#” in front of the sheet name (enclosed by a pair of apostrophes in your case) which should only be used for references into other Calc documents and then delimit the file part from the sheet name being tretaed like a “bookmark” to a segment of the file. It should never occur in internal references.
#$‘Таблица цени производител’.” is wrong. It should read “$‘Таблица цени производител’.”

BTW: If you avoid spaces and special characters in sheet names you will not need apostrophes. Better!