Err 509 in sumif

I get Err 509 with the statement sumif(i2:i234;B2;G2:G234)
The column i contains numbers corresponding to the index in B2. Some are equal, some are not. The idea is that the sum extends over tose indices in column i that are equal to B2. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks, Jos

Err:509 means operator expected, make sure you don’t have a typo in your formula expression. If in doubt copy&paste it to here exactly as it is without altering. If indeed you entered =sumif(… and it remains lower case (if recognized it would be shown upper case) then you’re probably using an UI language that has localized function names (i.e. Dutch), so that could be SOM.ALS instead.

fixed =INDIRECT("‘file:///c:/users/no/documents/curatorship/annual report " & A1 & "/debit expenses " & A1 & ".ods’#SHeet1.B45")
by mikekaganski on IRC

there was a backwards double quote somehow, only could see it with magnifier app
but External content disabled as i was working with a copy of the spread sheet


Appears you posted this in the wrong location. Should it not be here → string subtitution on a external reference fails??

If so, please post there and delete this post.