Erroneous warning of max num of columns exceeded

When I open in Calc most xlsx files created by MS 365, I get a warning that not all data have been loaded since the max number of columns per sheet has been exceeded.
The max number of columns in one example is only 15. Also when I drag the scrollbar to the right, it goes up to column AMJ (I guess it is the 1024th column). Obviously all cells after column N are empty and I don’t see any loss of data.
Am I missing something?
Libreoffice 6.0.3 fresh install on Win 10.

Excel may add an excess columns definition even if there isn’t any data, which triggers the warning. Related is tdf#116274.

Fixed for 6.0.4

I’m still seeing this behavior (the warning that “The data could not be loaded completely because the maximum number of columns per sheet was exceeded.”) with the latest - As best I can tell all data is actually displayed and available for manipulation. Maybe it’s a different root cause, but it sure sounds like at least one of the symptoms/issues that caused so much contention in Bug 116274. Note that the subsequently referenced Bug 50916 is not yet fixed.