Error 1303 message says that I should login as Administrator.

Error 1303. The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program. The installation cannot continue. Logon as administrator or contact your system administrator.

Upon attempted ver. installation (Windows 8.1), an error message says that I should login as Administrator, which I already have. All User Groups have Full Control. There is no option to Run as Administrator. How may I overcome this obstacle?

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I had the same problem today on my 64 bit installation (Win10). And I have full administrator rights.

Turns out the error message in my case was all wrong. I have the Brother Printer Control Center running. Shutting it down made it possible to install. Check to see if you have any non-microsoft printer management software running. Your next reboot should re-launch your printer manager.

Hope this works for you, Doug

Thanks for the remainder - added that to the FAQ.

Same issue for me - Error 1303 message says that I should login as Administrator - on my 64 bit (Win 7) system. The issue however was that the LO installer’s error message was wrong. I too had the Brother Printer Control Center running. Shutting that down after receiving the LO error message made it possible to continue the LO install. I would have up voted this answer, but apparently don’t have enough ‘karma’. :slight_smile:

Temporarily disabling Brother software worked me as well. Thanks!

This post really helped. I was thinking permissions, of course, but couldn’t see anything wrong. I would never have guessed that ControlCenter4 would have a lock on LO. Oh Brother!

Or simply turn off your UAC warning system in Windows.
If you know what software you are installing, you don’t need UAC,
in fact it becomes a pain in the ass, everytime a trusted installation
is aborted…