Error 504 in COUNTIFS while referencing other file

Trying to calculate the following formula:

=COUNTIFS('file:///home/user/PycharmProjects/my_project/My insights/Train/CSV/Train_tags.csv'#$Train_tags.L$1:L$1048576, "1")

But it fails with error 504, despite being successfuly calculated with COUNTIF.
I need COUNTIFS because I want to stack more conditions.

Any idea why it fails?

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Works for me with 6.0.2 with a formula like:
=COUNTIFS('file:///C:/Fi/2017/csv/CLIENTES.CSV'#$CLIENTES.A$1:A$1048576; "830"),
such error 504 is:

Parameter list error
Function parameter is not valid, for example, text instead of a number, or a domain reference instead of cell reference.

Maybe the drive letter is missed on the path.

Thanks, upgraded to 6 and it worked (didn’t have to change anything).
So the solution is just to upgrade to version 6.

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FWIW, that was tdf#115162, fixed for 6.0.1 and 5.4.6

Thanks for clarification.