Error accessing data source

I am receiving the error

"Error accessing data source: ‘’ : NoSuchElementException: "

when attempting to do a “Data” > “Refresh Range” on a Calc spreadsheet containing data pulled from the LO .odb base file. Any idea as to what could be the problem. I am using LibreOffice 32-bit.


This is most likely due to the Base file being renamed or moved from its originally registered location.

Data Sources in Calc will continue to display the originally registered source but won’t be able to locate the actual data.

To fix, from menu Tools->Options->LibreOffice Base->Databases. Click on the problem DB, click Edit button and select new location.

Thanks for your reply. I eventually ran across that fix. The files were e-mailed to me. I put them in a folder I defined. When I looked at the database sources for the Calc file, the only thing that was listed was a bibliography database. When I added my database file through the Tools Options, everything worked. I am not sure where it registers the database. If I re-downloaded the Calc file from the e-mail to a different folder and checked the DB sources again, it now shows the proper database file?


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Database registration takes place at time of the Base file creation or using the method as posted in my answer. Other modules (calc, writer, etc.) can then access the data from any properly registered DB. As you’ve seen, changes in Base file location (and only Base location) affect it.

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