error in content.xml (related to annotations?)

Hi, I saved a file and tried to open it again immediately and received this error

Format error discovered in the file in sub-document content.xml at 2,4837(row,col).”

After looking in the xml file, I found that office name was defined three times related to annotations.
office:automatic-styles<style:style office:name="__Annotation__825_2072024781" office:name="__Annotation__830_2072024781" office:name="__Annotation__836_2072024781" style:name=“P1”

I delete two of these, then all three. Every attempt results in a document that is corrupt and cannot be repaired.

I am unfamiliar with xml so any help on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. I can’t upload the xml (don’t have >3 points) but I can email it to anyone who is willing to help. Thanks in advance

Did you study this thread, in specific the suggestions concerning notepad++ and the XML-tools addin? I am also not familiar with XML but I managed to clean up that file. You can alos do it, I suppose.

The goddess of karma blessed you. You can attach a file to your question by editing it.

Does the string <="" p=""> really appear right after style:name="P1" ? If so, that is surely the cause of the problem. The sequence that begins with <style:style is the start tag for an “automatic style” element. Inside an XML start tag, the sequence <="" p=""> cannot appear, as it does not make sense (it would be like a start tag inside another start tag, which is not well-formed XML and, worse yet, this “start tag” would not have a legal XML name).