Error in writing sub-document content.xml

In spite of the number of posts this issue does not seem to have been resolved.

I have a number of .odt files which can be loaded and edited in Open Office but the above error is issued when saving. Other files load and save without problems. Occasionally I can save an affected file in .doc format. The affected files load and save correctly on a different computer

I conclude that there is nothing the matter with either OO or the file but that something in the computer is preventing OO from writing to the content.xml file. I am using a newly installed Open Office version 4.1.3 under Windows 7 with Avast anti-virus. I have tried resetting my OO user profile. This behaviour has only recently started but, other than installing DropBox, I cannot think of anything which I have done which can have altered the configuration of my computer.

I am desperate for help as this error is totally preventing me from proceeding with my work.

Please use OpenOffice support forum for problems with OpenOffice. This is LibreOffice site, so the best advice you can get here is “try LibreOffice”.