Error installing en-GB language pack for LO


After having installed LibreOffice (I use Linux Mint) from the terminal it has the default UI language en_US. I would like to have it as en_GB and downloaded the translated language pack from the LibreOffice site.

After having extracted the pack I tried to install the DEBS files and get the message that: Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libobasis 7.1-core (>=

Is this because the downloaded file is faulty or is it the installation of the whole package that is faulty?

What can I do to correct this and get the language pack installed properly to change the UI language to en-GB?


libobasis 7.1-core (>=

From where did you install LibreOffice? My guess: You mix repositories and in fact you should use sudo apt install libreoffice-l10n-en-gb using your Mint/PPA repo. In other words: You cannot install the language pack downloaded from, if you have installed LibreOffice from another repository. This won’t work, since maintainers of LibreOffice on distributions follow their own idea of packaging LibreOffice.

Finally: If you installed packages downloaded from and had LibreOffice from Mint distribution before (=Changing the repository being used): Did you completely uninstall LibreOffice (including an sudo apt autoremove) before you installed the new packages from the new repository (i.e.

Please provide the content of `Help -> About LibreOffice` (click the icon, which copies the information into your clipboard).
> (I use Linux Mint)

Which - 19.3 or latest 20.2?


Thank you. Your assumption that I installed the main program from the terminal using the Mint/PPA and the downloaded file from website is correct.

I used your instruction set in line 2 and it did the trick.

Now I know that I cannot mix download repositories for an application. Thank you.

Issue solved.